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After the pandemic and the change in living and working habits, the problem of industry transformation is not too new when all trends and attitudes of working people have changed since then.

The cause of industry transformation comes from both subjective and objective perspectives. Ranging from the general economy, industry trends to the level of business development and employees are thinking differently.


The Covid-19 pandemic is now stable and living with people. However, the consequences of the epidemic are not limited to economic issues, but also affect many values ​​and perspectives on industries and jobs.

Revenue - salary

After the epidemic, every business is trying to revive and regain the "position" to fight for their products and services to improve their revenue after the pandemic and growth efforts. Unlike previous achievements is certain and to improve requires many times more efforts from each member of the company.

The trend of industry or enterprise development is changed

The pandemic changes the lifestyles and outlooks of many people, so it changes consumers' concerns about products as well as services. Some categories are no longer a priority position in the minds of customers such as fashion, furniture, smart electronic devices,... but they focus more on health, living environment, and health. mental health.

The job change is partly due to the employees' thinking

Motivation and passion for work gradually disappear over time. This comes from your original reason when choosing a career to pursue. Work is part of life, so ask yourself every day:

  • What does this job mean to me?

  • Is my work valued?

  • Do I find joy in my work?

  • Am I suitable for this environment and intensity?

​​Want a challenge outside of your comfort zone?

In another aspect, the intention to change careers also comes from the innovation in mind and thinking. The desire to live differently, the desire to discover and develope yourself is always a positive direction that everyone thinks about at the most appropriate and ripe time.

The causes of industry change have both subjective and objective directions. However, to successfully switch careers, it is not possible to make an immediate decision, but to go through the process of thinking through, planning to find a new job as well as developing other necessary skills. for the profession you want to choose to pursue.



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