Chatbot Case Study: How RexBot educates India’s Youth about Healthy Sex

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Durex - a famous condom brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser, has achieved enormous success in educating Indian youth about healthy sex by developing a chatbot called RexBot, The chatbot took advantage of Facebook Messenger to share informative and entertaining content about sex with young Indian consumers with a view to improving awareness of safe sex, which is critical for the long-term development of Durex.

The challenges

In India, sex is considered a taboo subject. Young Indians appear to have little awareness of safe sex due to a lack of credible sources of information and parents being not comfortable talking about this topic. This has posed challenges for the future growth of Durex products that required the brand to make changes to the current situation.

Strategy & Execution

Taking advantage of Facebook Messenger, Durex’s RexBot aimed to educate young Indians between the ages of 18 and 24, regardless of their genders, about safer sex and create a behavioural shift in their perception of sex. Rex and Roxy were the male and female versions of the bot and brought to life with GIF-animations. They were characterized as approachable, friendly and fun-loving conversationalists. The chatbot was developed within a month then experienced a two-month beta test to get optimized.

RexBot was considered extremely private and safe for youth to ask questions about sex with its content being classified into various sections in a decision tree-based structure. This aimed to facilitate interactivity among users who were unfamiliar with conversations about sex.

The results

Within three months of launching on Facebook Messenger, Rexbot had acquired more than 100,000 unique users and can be integrated into most of the existing digital brand assets. Rexbot has appeared as a valued online interactive encyclopedia of sex. Some other impressive numbers include:

  • 2,000 daily active users

  • 2 minutes of average session length

  • 1,800 daily-average new users

  • more than 4 million messages exchanged






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