Personal branding has been a rising concern in recent years. With its popularity comes some pitfalls that have popped up. And that raises the question of how to create trustworthy personal branding without making avoidable mistakes along the way. Here, in this article we have have compiled common pitfalls so that you can avoid, check it out!

1. Being someone else but yourself

The most crucial mistake is to be fake, to pretend like another person but not your true self. The underlying explanation given to this is that you want to become someone you think people want you to be, and that is so wrong of a thought.

Expressing yourself as who you are gives people a sense of trustworthiness because no one will ever get along with the fake acting. It may work out in some senses, yet it is impossible to maintain considering a long time frame.

Talking about the brand self, giving people false hope of an untrue brand will damage your brand. People want sincerity and authenticity from the brand they follow. Once your customers find out, it backfires and the trust you have gained all this time will vanish.

2. Not creating content regularly

Another pitfall is to focus on sharing content from the industry thought leaders instead of sharing your own thoughts and perspectives on social platforms. Such activities limit the potential of you to be recognized by your readers.

One thing this leads to is that you are also encouraging people to go check others out. This is not always wrong, but gradually this means the traffic to your site is also going down, since the audience has now switched to the others’ sites.

Creating posts regularly, openly sharing your perspective on trending issues along with your knowledge and expertise are what need to be done now. Give your own voice to your own content, and you will find yourself being recognized as authentic and insightful.

3. Overselling

Whether in your personal message or in your public post, using exaggerated words like “the best” or “unparalleled” will not be as useful as you think. This use of words is over the top of readers, which results in people not trusting you and your brand.

The trap of overselling yourself is easy to fall into. Just remember, let you and your content speak for itself. Making an effort to create quality content and insightful ideas to truly help the audience is the key to personal branding. The way people see you as truly helpful thanks to your sharing is a thousand times more meaningful than you describing yourself as the best in the industry.


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