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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

To each member of Vietnam Social Health Revolution, our core values are reflected from what we do, create and innovate together day by day.

Human capital is the lifeblood of our organization. Attracting talented students, young professionals and mentors, doctors from both local and global marketplace—and retaining them— make VSHR different so we can accomplish great things. We believe that everyone has potential to become better and Our Core Values Commitment is the foundation of all that we do, to create opportunity for all:

1. Together to help people

We always ready to embrace differences, actively seek for partnership and build up teamwork to solve the most complex problems of people, especially in health.

2. Creating skills to grow

We are accountable to the development of amazing skills set for our network members that learning and sharing is how we grow ourselves to reach our vision, mission and lesson.

3. Turn ideas into actions

We believe that by making action, innovation, and transformation—within the potential, our own organization can create widespread impacts for community.

4. Determination for results

We challenge ourselves to the highest level of making results, maximizing the best of the human spirit and striving for excellence.

5. Becoming better everyday

We encourage the core value of each individual that one of our top priorities is to provide the environment for everyone to sharpen themselves, improve daily and become better.

6. Focusing Sustainable Development

We Focus is to work on to deliver WOW performances with passion, open-minded approach and strategic road-map that in alignment with global sustainable goals. VSHR focus on United Nations Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) - 3(health), 4(Education) and 17(Partnership for Goals).

Committed to 6 core values, all members of VSHR networks are passionate about what we do. We are a family that everyone is connected, respected and included. Also, each member takes responsibility for their attitude, actions and contribution as an important mosaic of VSHR.

VSHR Core Values

“I really love to make people happy, that is the reason why VSRH first priority is to empower our member. If you engaged with us, you are willing to unlock all potentials and take opportunities as a change-maker. Not only helping people, we also bring up the environment that can support our team members to grow skills to be successful in career-life, develop mindset and become truly social contributor.”

John Masud Parvez, Founder & President of Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR).

The motivation and engagement created by the power of core values is what set the foundation for the VSHR culture. As anyone who thrives in an empowered environment will do well, so the culture of VSHR is not to tell you what to do but to inspire you to stand up, take chances and lead yourself. This is a social workplace that shares values and naturally promotes all members to become a part of a whole organization that is much bigger and more meaningful.

Core values also set the climate of a typical working day at VSHR when all of the time can be the joyful moments and memorable experience to help redefine your viewpoints about everything from success, pride, and love to happiness.

So, what makes all VHRS members to be proudly happy?

"Happiness is the joy of rising beyond our potential."

Because at VSHR, people matters!

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