Create a Killer Pitch Deck for Your Business Plan

A pitch deck is a brief introduction and presentation used to provide an overview of your business plan, ideas and solutions. It can be made for potential investors, partners or customers, either through online means of communication or offline meetings.

Research has shown that most pitch decks fail at persuading potential investors. So what are some exclusive tips you can adopt to avoid this miserable situation?

1. Address the problem

Most entrepreneurs fall into the trap of overselling their solution. It would be of no use if your audience has no clear context of what the problem is. Be specific, use data and research. Tell them what the exact problem your customers are facing, only after then can you present your solution.

2. Explain what you provide + Create value

Now that investors are fully aware of the problem, present exactly what your business provides, in the most concrete and least fantasized way. Try presenting the current solutions that are available in the market nowadays first, and address as to why they are not working anymore, answer the question of why your plan is a better choice than the rest. This leads to your presentation being more reasonable.

Next, use simple yet powerful word choice to create a clear image of the solution. Make sure to include your product USP to further leverage the uniqueness.

3. Present credibility

It is always important to show your credibility as a business that investors can trust. Present data regarding your paying customers, annual revenue, monthly growth, previous investment, anything that backs up for the credibility of your business plan.

This is a deciding factor, so remember to highlight all these above mentioned points when making a pitch deck.

Remember, a pitch deck is a two way exchange, where you provide information about your business idea and the investors fully understand that idea to make decisions on whether to invest in your business or not. Do not go for a grand vision, do it another way round. Go from the bottom, and you will realize you are building a strong customer experience, which will work well regardless of your audience, either investors or customers.


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