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These are 4 important criteria that businesses cannot lack in the process of researching and looking for recruitment services. In order to choose a human resource recruitment service unit that suits your needs and budget, businesses always have to go through the steps of researching, selecting, comparing and evaluating candidate quality as well as process efficiency.

And with RPO - the human resource recruitment service of VSHR Pro Academy, it offers flexible and effective HR solutions for businesses. Not only saving time, cost, and reducing effort from company, but based on reputable candidates and experienced recruitment experts, VSHR Pro Academy can help businesses solve their HR problems!

1. Understand the need

In order to have effective coordination between the business and the recruitment company, the recruitment company's process of understanding customers is very important.

The basic information that the recruitment company needs to know is not only the vacancies and the urgency, but also the corporate culture, operational strategies and required qualities of business members. future career.

If the search and interview process does not meet expectations, it will easily lead to conflicts and different consequences, not to mention a loss of time and costs for the business.

2. Prestige, suitable for the field of activity

Depending on the criteria for selecting and evaluating candidates of the enterprise, both in terms of salary, benefits, ... to search for suitable recruitment services.

A recruitment service company owning a reputable source of candidates in many different industries is a big plus in the eyes of businesses.

Only when choosing an appropriate recruitment company with both knowledge of the field as well as working style, the aspirations of the business can be accurately communicated to potential candidates.

3. Reasonable and effective time

Long recruitment time, passive candidates and incurring costs are the things most businesses are concerned about. Applying on time and budgeting is a successful step for businesses to implement projects and strategies on time.

4. Fits the budget

The cost of recruitment services is not a small number when the trade-off is suitable and effective human resources.

Warranty policies and terms from recruitment companies should follow the trend of flexibility, more convenient for different recruitment needs. (recruiting C-suit; executive staff...)


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