Customer is King : How to build Customer Experience

Your success is defined on how happy your customers are. Yes, consumer experience is as important as any other part of your journey to a successful business. Are you a professional / manager / executive or entrepreneur who wants to improve the experience for your customers ? Congratulations ! You found the right episode of Ask John Show LIVE !!

Today's special guest is Mr Carsten Ley, Founder, Asia PMO Vietnam joined by Mr John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of VSHR.

This interview revealed many answers to questions like what are the skill sets needed to have a CS VP ? What are the top 5 points someone so focus to create a great customer experience?, What are the challenges that are posed to sustain a customer experience for a business or service and  what are the things someone should do to sustain a good CX?

Watch here for more information :

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