Cyber security for Business in 2020

Due to the rise of use of data and digital technology,  cyber security is more important than any time before. Are you working for a company which uses cyber security, are you a business leader? aiming to build your own technology business ? 

A Special Guest that joined us for this episode is  Mr. Alex Siew, Senior Professor of National University of Singapore.

According to Mr. Alex it's not about the cloud it's about finding out what bank you are putting your money and in what provider you're putting your data inside.

4 Tips for cyber security :

  1. Use the right reputation cloud system. 

  2. Do your homework because there is no excuse for that .

  3. Check the security measurements

  4. Check the expertise of the team who manage the cloud ,it's very important

This is very valuable for any other professionals who have been or business owners or Ceos who've been considering going to the cloud. 

He also adds that for clouds there is also a public cloud and a private cloud and a hybrid cloud. Most of the time people worry it's a public cloud especially governments they are afraid of data sovereignty .They want their data to be secure in their own secure server. You can arrange for a private cloud using the whole cloud technology but your data is only available to yourself into your company.  It's more expensive to service a private cloud for yourself for your company but if not then you can go to the public cloud and rest assured the public cloud is also very secure because we hold all the cloud service providers to high accountability.

The greatest danger about cloud security is when you migrate your data your migration is where your data is exposed so migration has to be very carefully talked about and you have to encrypt and your management of the security key. 

WARNING: You have to be very careful and not expose your key your private key or the public key to the public so that one is most important if some hacker get hold of your key then of course your data is a compromise so bear in mind if you want to migrate the cloud please think about the migration and then after that think about whether you want a private or public or even a hybrid a mixture of both. 

Watch the whole interview here :

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