Data driven in digital marketing

Data is becoming increasingly vital for expert marketers and has the potential to become the most useful marketing resource.

Data driven marketing definition

Data-driven marketing is the approach of using customer information to optimize and target media purchase and creative messaging. It is one of the most significant changes in digital advertising history. This data can provide great information into consumer behavior, and using this can be essential to your company.

Benefits of data-driven marketing

  • Segmentation: Data-driven marketing can also be used to segment a target market, ensuring that targeted messaging are delivered to the right people. Ad spending and marketing messages are customized to be shown precisely to the appropriate marketing campaign targets.

  • Personalization: Personalized marketing may support brands in connecting with the right target markets and providing more customized and effective messages. This improves the user experience while also presenting suitable products or services in front of the customer.

  • Customer Experience: Many marketers apply data-driven marketing to deliver a better through user feedback forms or surveys, giving more information into what aspects needs change.

  • Product Development: Data-driven marketing can decrease the probability of defective product while also assisting companies in better understanding what customers need in upcoming products.

Some examples of data-driven marketing

Highly targeted advertising

Social media is well-known for its high level of interaction. Using big data to create ads is a strong approach to utilize social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

For example, persuading audiences to join up or 'learn more' will also give additional critical information that can include into existing database.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is still very much active and effective. Big data can be used to segment a target audience and send personalized emails to each group. This method is mainly automatic, business can also optimize these messages to communicate with customers one-on-one.

Retargeting existing customers

Re-targeting is becoming increasingly successful for data-driven marketing; this basically means that after a customer makes a purchase from a website, marketers can contact them again with related offers.

Furthermore, retaining and selling to existing customers is frequently easier than converting new leads.

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