Dear Students, How will you become more employable?

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Well done organizers BEE CLUB BUH. Being a student you guys did a great work ! Vietnam Social Health Revolution is pleasure to take part on this contest as Judge and inspire the student development at Banking University Ho Chi Minh city.

BIG Congratulations to the champ and also equally congratulating all the students who made it to top 6 and even all the students who also tried even first round. You have something special, so grow that "SPECIAL THING" inside you and do something, which will bring good - to you, to your family, to the people of Vietnam, to the greater humankind.

The students who did not make to the top, don't lose your hope, believe in yourself. It's just your learning carve, you can be better and do better. So let's keep learning and build up yourself.

I know , how sad it is for Vietnamese student when they graduate but due to skill gaps cant get the right job. That's so frustrating, I saw that in my 2 years research on this fresh graduate employability problem.

So after the research I created this - Vietnam's Amazing Student, it's a contest but it's to create the skills inside the students to make them employable and make them an entrepreneur though social project development and entrepreneurship.

This employment project contest can be exciting support for you, have a look here - Vietnam's Amazing Student -

The registration for 2019 season, is open NOW - 31 January 2019. So what are you waiting for? Register Now!

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