DEFINE CUSTOMER CHARACTERISTICS: What’s the underlying mechanism?

The very first step to apply excellent customer service skills is to actually understand them.

Driver, Expressive, Systematic and Considerate. What type of customer you currently serve?

1/ Fast reaction + Less expressed emotion - Driver

  • Straightforward, Yes/No clear

  • Decisive, think and act quickly

  • Not care much about others' emotion

How to satisfy Driver?

  • Go to the point

  • Proactive to suggest solutions

  • Confident and clear with suggestions

2/ Fast reaction + More expressed emotion - Expressive

  • Proactive, talk more

  • Make decision based on sense, not on detailed data

  • More new ideas, but easy to change

  • Love to be praised

How to satisfy Expressive?

  • Ice breaker before working

  • Start with praise

  • Show benefits to d and risks if not do

3/ Slow reaction + Less expressed emotion - Systematic

  • An eye for detail, careful

  • Act based on logic and analysis

  • Check document before deciding

  • Loyal if they believe

How to satisfy Systematic?

  • Prepare detailed data

  • Build trust

  • Keep promise

4/ Slow reaction + more expressed emotion - Considerate

  • Kind, gentle

  • Love to be motivated

  • Make decision based on majority of team

  • Easy to be influenced

How to satisfy Considerate?

  • Check the influencer

  • Close the deal soon

  • Actively listen and motivate them


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