Development Handshake with English Club of University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Do we feel the life of a doctor in Vietnam? Do we realize the feeling of a doctor when despite being the best graduate from high school, they are under paid comparing to their other high school classmates? When they work over the weekend, to have a better life?

So let's stop complaining about our doctors, let's do take steps to develop them, inspire them, upskill them so they can add better value for our Vietnamese community. Vietnam Social Health Revolution believes in this approach. So we have launched "GENIUS UPSKILL" Program to upskill our future professionals.

Did not apply yet? Apply now here !

It's also our pleasure to announce English club of University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCMC as support club for this program.

We believe, this social sharing upskill program is going to add significant value to the community and will set a great example for community training in Vietnam.

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