Digital Healthcare 2022 interview with John Masud Parvez

Recently John Masud Parvez gave an interview with the Digital Healthcare Summit 2022, where he answered many important key points in this post ncov19 situation. We are sharing with you some part of that interview through this article

What is the current status of digital healthcare today, and what do you see as the issues and challenges being faced in healthcare?

Answer: Healthcare is copping up with the new normal. I think healthcare professionals did incredible work in the middle of the pandemic in terms of providing care support for such a mass population. Now at this stage, these are the key issues that I can foresee

  1. Capable digital transformation people: In healthcare, there is a high shortage of capable specialists in terms of digital transformation plus also there is a major power shift is required between the IT or transformation team and medical lead as well.

  2. Change management: Due to pandemics, change leadership is required to smoothen and faster than ever. And that is causing a major problem for the team member to solve that puzzle.

  3. Designing a new operational and business model: To improve the operation almost all hospitals need or go through a different operational and service model transformation. During the last 2 years, most of the hospitals did a lot of Adhoc changes due to forced situations. So now required to step back and rethink the whole model which is most sustainable and scalable.

How has the pandemic impacted digital healthcare? Has it accelerated the move to using emerging technologies (such as IoT, AI, ML, cloud)?

Answer: Yes, it largely accelerated during the pandemic situation. People are much more open and willing to contribute their private data on a digital platform to receive the care. And it happened due to the forced situation. However, needless to say, information security always needs to be looked up closely to ensure the protection of all those healthcare information.

What are the key areas/theme of interest that you would like to see be presented for Digital Healthcare?

Answer: My top 3 topics will be

  • Data for healthcare

  • Information Security

  • Digital preventive care system.

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