Digital marketing trends in 2021

Marketing activities nowadays follow dynamic trends and is changing everyday. Numerous companies are adopting with trends in digital marketing companies to remain competitive in the industry. Below are some digital marketing trends in 2021:

Progressive web ads (PWAs)

These are online pages that function similarly to mobile applications. They have similar characteristics to mobile apps, such as fast download speeds, pop-up notifications, and the capacity to work offline, but they are not dependent on a single platform (Android or iOS). This enables development teams to create web applications that function similarly to mobile applications for any digital device. In these days of digital marketing, mobility is becoming more important. Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of this new digital marketing trend before it becomes oversaturated.

Virtual reality

The use of information technology to make simulated environments is known as virtual reality (VR). By wearing a head-mounted display device, you can explore and connect with a 3D world that isn't real. By taking input from the computer, the device produces a clear virtual environment that is fascinating and almost realistic. VR's engagement potential makes it a powerful tool for both education and entertainment. It can assist users develop a variety of abilities and skills if used properly. This technique has a variety of applications. People can, for example, use it for entertainment, learning, or even medical purposes. It allows older people to feel like such a 25-year-old once. The possibilities are limitless. For example, YouTube VR is a stand-alone app that has been designed for virtual reality to see any video in a realistic VR experience.

Voice search

Businesses will need to reconsider their digital marketing trend plans in 2021 due to the increasing popularity of voice search. Voice search, through audio content, plays an important part in delivering all of the relevant data that users are looking for. AI is developing, and the frequency of errors made by voice assistants such as Google, Alexa, and Siri has significantly decreased. Building a smart search technique includes more than just being accessible; it consists of creating a special and optimized customer experience that should promote engagement, loyal relationships, and brand awareness.


Chatbots allow firms to communicate with their consumers and improve customer relationships and boost sales. When it comes to consumer products, businesses have discovered the convenience and effectiveness of chatbots. Many people prefer interacting with chatbots since they are available 24 hours a day, respond fast, accurately record entire transaction history, and never react poorly. These bots provide outstanding service by predicting client's needs and automating basic activities, allowing to focus on other important tasks.

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