Direct Marketing Introduction

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Direct marketing consists of any advertising that relies on direct interaction to individual customers, rather than through a third party. This response may take the form of an inquiry , purchase or even a vote. Direct marketing can be divided into two main groups:

- Traditional direct marketing: Telesales, direct mail, postcard,...

- Modern direct marketing: SMS marketing, email marketing, social media,...

Direct marketing is distinguished from general marketing by fundamental two characteristics below:

  1. It targets the most likely consumers by ads relevant to their interest which was analyzed with the demographic and individualized data of this group.

  2. Direct marketing prompts prospects into a specific action (response to a form/ an email or call a telephone number) rather than simply raising brand awareness.

This "call to action" trait differentiates direct marketing with other advertising activities.

How does direct marketing work?

Unsimilar with traditional communication campaigns which usually execute via a third party, direct marketing conducts individually to approach the target audience.

Within direct marketing, businesses may offer promotion through social communication campaigns, email/ letter or cold call/ SMS. Although the promotion can be sent for a lot of customer data, marketers always intensify the effectiveness by individualizing the message for potential customers. The business can add in the name of prospects or location where they live to increase the interaction.

Here is an example to demystify direct marketing definition. If you are Vietnamese teenagers who are entering puberty, you may be familiar with some dermatology brands like Acnes, Ponds or Dercuma since it appears frequently in well-known magazines for specific adolescents such as Hoa Hoc Tro, Muc tim, etc. The business targets directly to this group for selling acne products because they may have a higher need or likelihood of buying than other groups.

This marketing strategy is very measurable. For instance, if you offer your customer a discount activated for online stores, you can include cookies or pixels to track whether the receiver has used the code.

4 benefits of direct marketing:

1. Target the customer segment

One of the most advantages of this kind of marketing is reaching your target audience by personalized message. In order to boost the effectiveness, your business should be resilient to spend adequate time for market researching and building a quality data list, and thus direct your efforts that really work.

2. Increasing conversion rate for sales

You can create customer flow and sales funnel to tactically communicate with likely consumers at each of potential stages. Therefore, you not only create new sales opportunities, but also bring your old customers back to receive more value.

3.Optimizing marketing budget

When your business implements this campaign which allows you to bypass unnecessary intermediaries and attract directly specific leads, then you can set realistic goals with a tight budget.

4.Upgrading loyalty campaign

Nurturing your old customer is one of the most interesting campaigns, it likes utilizing blossom buds after harvesting, helping you generate brand advocacy marketing by then. And once you embrace a concordant strategy between a brand advocacy campaign with direct marketing, it enables you to maximize the results.

Since direct selling provides an opportunity open to absolutely everyone, regardless of background. Have you generated a marketing plan specific for your company? As Henry Ford did say: “Stopping advertising to save time is like stopping your watch to save time”. From big to small, no matter how many obstacles that you face, they’re many excuses, because you can choose the way to implement your marketing strategy, the way you act and keep resilience. There is a fertile marketing landscape so business shouldn’t neglect its importance, just go on it.


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