Do you really think giving up on yourself, on your project will make you successful in career?

We are human. We always have two sides inside us. One side take us toward positivity and another side to negativity.

In Vietnam due to socio-economic condition a "student contest" is something has been branded in a way like this -

"A contest always organized by a 'company' Student join the contest to give an 'Idea' to that company for solving a problem of that company."

So the company can get hundreds of ideas from the student but only few on the top students of the contest get prizes. And rest of the students dont get anything and also cant learn anything which actually help them to be better.

The that situation stick on the Vietnamese student community's mind like a tattoo.

Champion or give up: It's normal on the way the team see them self cant be champion they give up. As you know the mentality of Vietnamese student due to environment contest means they join for prize, not for developing themselves.

Is this just a giving up?: Several teams, are giving up due to many reason like - too busy with study, team problem, cant progress etc. But just one question for those giving up teams -

"Vietnam's amazing student is a contest which is offering you to learn and develop your project, yourself. You even could not stand and complete such a contest. How do you expect yourself face extreme challenges to become successful in your career, life?"

The point is when you are student when you want to do something you face problem then you should work on them to solve them. Example you see you too busy, so then you should find a better way to time management, find better way to prioritize your time! Playing games every is a priority or learning something which will help you to get a job is a priority?

We also know it's not entirely your fault. It's the whole socio-economic environment which made you like this. But we want to change that. We will constantly organize contest like - Vietnam's Amazing Student to slowly change that mindset for Vietnamese student, because though this contest we promote your project, your skills for job, connect you with community, train you on 3P skills (project management, problem solving and presentation), give you mentor, show you direction to scale up your project, make you a social entrepreneur.

You may be giving up on yourself but we are not giving up on you, and will not give up on you too!

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