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Generation Z (1997 - present) is now a potential human resource to join the workforce. Gen Z's personality, perspective, ability and attitude is what managers care most about in the recruitment process as well as the collaboration stage.

So do you really understand Gen Z? Developed or adjusted the way of working to integrate Gen Z members into the “big family”?


Gen Z respects and is attracted to authenticity and openness. The word “Transparency” will help them see how valuable their particular efforts are in driving the company towards its main goal.

This is of great importance because Gen Z is very focused on the meaning behind each task and what their actions are, it is completely different from sticking to the deadline just to complete the task. In addition to improving trust and communication, explaining to them the direction and growth strategy of the company will help you find more loyal and engaged employees.

Flexible and independent

Gen Z is the generation that prioritizes work-life balance. Therefore, businesses need to really care about the balance needs of Gen Z. Flexible working hours policy, promotion of remote work, and respect for personal time while still ensuring efficiency and effectiveness are what businesses need to do. A work environment that meets their needs should include two options: a group work place and a separate work area. In addition, Gen Z also loves a spacious office environment with clear roles.

Multi-dimensional viewing angle

Gen Z employees work with a multi-dimensional perspective, taking care of all aspects of the problem with the strong help of the Internet and skills in using technology. They then receive a large amount of information to evaluate, compare and select information to use. Therefore, Gen Z's research and data collection skills have also improved a lot.

Pay attention to social values

With more than 30% of the world's population, Gen Z is becoming a fast-growing and powerful generation group. This is both an opportunity and a challenge when the number of Gen Z young people entering the labor market is increasing. Gen Z will tend to be loyal and engaged with the brands they love, even if they want the brands they associate with will make a meaningful contribution to consumers, as well as the environment and society.

The process of joining, working and connecting businesses with Gen Z is a social experience, a golden opportunity for them to receive social value as well as work experience from it. The form of hybrid working, technology application and frequent use of online tools at work will make it easier for Gen Z to quickly integrate, not only attracting Gen Z candidates, but also improving their skills. the ability to keep them on the team.


Recognition for Gen Z isn't just about the results and efforts they've made, it's about listening to the business. Although this is a young human resource, Gen Z can fully take the initiative in promoting the company's development because of its modern and globalized thinking.

One of the ways to boost morale and retain Gen Z is to make them feel respected for their ideas and contributions in their role, and to encourage Gen Z to come up with solutions for the company. work and appreciate their insights.

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