Does learning need to be boring? How really adult learners in the Future Leadership Program?

Updated: Feb 22

Do you want to learn something which is boring? No right!

Like you no one wants to learn which is boring and too hard to understand. Besides, that learning can be fun when in the middle of the learning process there are gamification, contests, presentation, and also high interactions. Here high interactions mean there are two types

Type 1: This type of interaction is between each trainee and the trainers. This interaction is so critical for adult learning as listening and imaging is a great tool for any adult human to learn and gain knowledge.

Type 2: This is the interaction between the trainees. Why is this so important? because during a workshop trainees gain the knowledge or information from the trainer but then to turn that into a mini skill or action knowledge a trainee needs to discuss, express and practice. And that's where this type of interaction becomes so much important. This interaction can happen during the workshop, between two workshops or even the whole learning program is finished.

In future leadership program, our program team is really passionate about ensuring there is a high rate of both types of interaction happens. The future leadership program team connects each of the trainees during the workshop and also provides an online platform that enables all the trainees to connect with each other after the workshop online and even offline.

In terms of the learning model, these are the learning methodologies we really focus on future leadership program such as

  • Whiteboard session

  • Gamification

  • Quiz and win prize

  • Group work

  • Assignment

  • Presentation

  • 360 Degree feedback and suggestions


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