Does working hard can make you achieve your goals? How to achieve great goals?

We often ask ourselves do we work hard? Or During an interview, often my candidate tells me that "I work hard".

Well working hard is important because work ethic is an important factor. But during the earlier part of my life, I also did not know one key concept which made me take a lot of longcuts. As I was taking longcuts, so I was spending a lot of time, resources, energy, etc. to get those done. So I realize the true shortcut or "right cut" whatever you say are these 3 things

  1. What you do

  2. With who do you do it?

  3. How do you do it?

Since I realize this my perspective on work ethic largely changed. Most of us make 1 of them only right, of many times only 2 of them are right so it takes a really long time to achieve our goals, so we finally give up! I have learned, it's not about what we start, but what we finish, which means reach to our goals, matters the most!

Since I have learned, I pay close attention before I take anything in my hand to do. It's not only just putting in a lot of hours but also really need to pay attention to those 3 factors.

At last, if you are looking for hacks and shortcuts, you are simply wasting your time. There are no shortcuts or hacks. So what can you do? Just be bold and brave to get started, then pay attention to those 3 factors, you will see great results sooner or later.

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