Don't just look at the salary number, look at the Company culture, your team's culture first !

Recently I was writing much for the leaders. today I will write for everyone! Let me give you a scenario which is very important for your life and career. You have two offers on the table, 40M VND and 50M VND. Easy decision ?


Here is why. Here is what can make 50M VND unacceptable.

1) Toxic environment and culture

2) Dead-end job with no career development opportunity

3) bogus or Lack of corporate or strategy and vision which causes slow progress

4) No possibilities to learn anything new

5) No flexibility to work from home should you need it

6) No possibility to make a difference

40 M VND may be the best deal ever if it comes with a good boss and a good team.

In fact, 66% of people prefer a good boss to a raise. If the team is good as well that number goes to 85%.

Because those are the people makes your day. In your life are you most amount of time you spend at work. So your supervisors role is so important and also teams. If you have a good supervisor you will be

  • Recognized for your great work

  • Have a career development path

  • Set for success not failure

  • Have a mentor for life and career

  • Inspire you by setting example for you.

And the team members will support you as much they want your support to them as well.

And for a good reason -

Good employees work just for the money. So if you think you are a good employee, start thinking about the values not the money!

You want to work where you love to come to work. If you are working in a place where you don't love and enjoy, get out of there asap or it will kill your passion for work! Very harmful for you!

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