Don't listen to everyone, focus on listening to the right one.

Recently was listening to one famous (!) influencer saying this -

I genuinely believe that society is wrong about what you should do from 22 - 30. When you’re young, you should go as high risk as you can - this is exactly when you should go live in Bali for a year … this is exactly when you go and try to “become Beyoncé” … this is exactly when you start that business you’ve always wanted to.

Society pushes people into safe, secure jobs too early when you can always go back and take that job if you want to later on!

Here is my point of view -

My perspective is, I will agree to disagree on this !

However, this is an interesting prospective. On the same time I have been seeing so many youth went high risk and and destroyed their life in south east Asia, west America, or smashed their life so badly which costed them a decade to recover. So my questions -

Yes, those are high risk live so there are normally more mistakes going to happen by the youth! I always agree there are learning on mistakes. but how do we expect the youth could learn so well from mistakes, and the amount of golden time they will lose from life ?

Why don't start working early age start building the plan from 14-18, and due to delayed gratification go free at the age of 35 or 40? Time is our biggest asset in life!

Ya we still know the punch line - High risk! High return ! It's just not taking high risk but do deep dive education on those risks and harvest the best return. Otherwise it's a confirm smack down or disaster. So my advice

Listen carefully, understand also who is speaking. Someone has money or followers does not means that person is really going to give you an advice for your life's betterment.
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