Dr Xuan own the amazing mentor award for Genius Upskill Program Season 2018

Our organization has 4 years of research and 2 years on the full functional. We supported 150,000 Vietnamese peoples on 2018.

On the Genius Upskill Program Graduation ceremony, John Masud parvez, founder and president of VSHR said -

We supported thousands of people but do we call yourself successful ? No we don't, because we want to support millions of Vietnamese people. To make that happen so we have also establish VSHR Academy to create social champions. Those champions to give support, advice, help at workplace, outside work place, at street at anywhere!

VSHR academy also has a set of passionate, inspired and energetic mentors, who constantly share their experience, passion and energy with the scholars.

21st April 2019, was the graduation day of VSHR Academy's Genius Upskill Program. Through this graduation total 35 scholars were graduated for season 2018. Dr Xuan was mentoring the LIVE AND LOVE program for Genius Upskill Program Season 2018 and won the amazing mentor award from VSHR Academy. During the ceremony John Masud Parvez Mentioned about Dr Xuan -

I met many great mentors for our academy program but Dr Xuan was the only mentor told me - I will mentor all the 4 master classes of Live and love course this year! That's we call VSHR Spirit !

Highlights of Genius Upskill Program season 2018

  • Total 35 Scholars successfully achieved the awards. Among them 11 scholars also achieved HIGH DISTINCTION Award for their outstanding performance.

  • During the application round, 10% applicants were selected though 3 rounds of selection process for this scholarship program.

  • Among the scholarship winner almost 70% scholars are from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh.

  • Total duration of the program was 4 months.

To know more about our social academy, please visit


On Season 2019, VSHR will also provide scholarship of 1 B VND value. Wanna get a scholarship to develop amazing skillset, so you can become a social champion and also get ready for future career ? Yes ! Apply now!


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