Echo Brand - Why do Companies Need Executive Branding?

Are you going on a blind date ? or a job interview ? It is highly likely that your ‘blind’ date or employer has already googled you and got their first impression. In today's world presenting yourself in the best online and offline is extremely important. Not just physical appearance but also your online presence . 

Echo Brand - Why do Companies Need Executive Branding?

What is a company? It’s a group of people working together to create products and services for customers. As such, the capacity of a company is a sum up of their leaders’ capacities, in other words, a company is only as good as their people. Company’s brand may help you to open the door to your clients, but clients eventually buy your products because they know, like and trust the person - John Masud Parvez , Chairman VSHR Pro Academy

That’s why you need your people to Shine!

Here are the values for your organization to develop Leadership branding:

  1. Tapping to more potential clients and bring more revenue

  2. Increasing company’s image and value through each of excellent individual branding

  3. Having a more dedicated and committed leadership team

  4. Attracting talents in the market

Our brand new 'ECHO BRAND' Service is here to boost your online personality and use the power of today's technology , internet and social media to draw attention to your skills and strengths. The features of our services will help make a strong and powerful impact on your online portfolio. We believe that a personal brand needs to be built in a balance manner to utilize both digital and offline activities to establish a holistic personality to the world. 

Opportunities we offer

  1. Social shark 

  2. Facebook Audit 

  3. Live stream Interview 

  4. Linkedin Profile 

  5. Offline Interview 

  6. Judge in contest 

  7. Trainer in workshop 

  8. Photo shoot

Transform your online presence and give opportunities the green light today.

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