Effective METHODS of learning

Recent research has shown that different people, irrespective of social backgrounds, learn in different ways and that our current educational system--with its one-size-fits-all model--is probably catering to only a handful of the learners in their classrooms. The rest are forced to adapt--or not, as in the case of the "slow" student.

Although you've probably heard of the concept of learning styles before, it's most likely limited to an understanding of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. In this post, we will go further and cover the eight different learning styles

1 Visual

The visual or spatial learner is often referred to as a right-brained learner. This person is typically good at deciphering visual data in the form of maps and graphs. They are imaginative, think outside of the box and quickly process what they see rather than what they hear.

*Ways to Enhance Retention

- Use charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, time lines and infographics.

- Implement digital tools and technology to assist learning.

- Replace words with colors and images.

2 Verbal

A bit different from the previous category, verbal learners are adept at processing information through the use of language. They excel at reading, writing, listening and speaking.

*Ways to Enhance Retention

-Reread and rewrite your notes.

-Make summaries of your notes.

-Create lists with key words and phrases to help you remember concepts.

Use acronym mnemonics to assist in recall

3 Logical

This type of learner is skilled at mathematical and logical reasoning. They are able to solve problems involving numbers and can easily decipher abstract visual information.

*Ways to Enhance Retention

-Try to understand the key concepts behind lessons. Don't just memorize.

-Extract key information from notes such as statistics and facts to create lists.

-Turn material and lessons into strategic mind games.

-Stimulate your mind by playing computer math games and solving brain teasers.

4 Auditory

The auditory (musical) learner thinks in sounds rather than images. They think chronologically and learn best through step-by-step methods. Unlike visual learners, they have an impeccable memory for conversations

*Ways to Enhance Retention

-Participate in discussions and debates.

-Read aloud.

-Listen to music while you go over material.( highly recommend with no lyrics)

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