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Employee relations have replaced industrial relations as the relationship between employers and employees.


Today, employee relations focus on individual and collective connections in the workplace, with increasing intensity on direct structures of representation and aiding line managers to establish trust-based relationships with workers. A positive employee relations climate - with high levels of employee involvement, commitment, and engagement - can improve business outcomes and employees' well-being.

What are employee relations?

Employee relations is the term for defining the association between employers and employees. Today's understanding of employee relations refers to unique and collaborative workplace relationships. It reflects the increasing individualization of the employment relationship following the advancement of individual workplace rights and the historical decline in trade association spread and influence. In line with this, there's an increasing focus on helping line managers establish trust-based relationships with employees.

Executing employee relations and workplace conflict

Despite the drop in strikes and other forms of industrial action, workplace conflict stays a fact of organizational life and must be handled positively and proactively. Individual and' unorganized competition,' in the condition of sickness, absence, bullying or harassment, and worker turnover can be just as destructive and costly to an organization as organized industrial activity on a collaborative level.

According to our analysis on handling conflict in the modern workplace, conflict at work is a 'common event' according to a quarter of workers, with one in five employers saying the same. Our survey of employees reveals that just over a third have undergone some form of interpersonal conflict at the workplace over the last year, either an isolated confrontation or incident of competition, or a problematic ongoing relationship.


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How Can We Help?

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