Employees Appreciation Ideas for Corporates [Selected version]

Did you know there is an Employee Appreciation Day celebrated on the first Friday of March? Well now you know it. Employee Appreciation Day is a day for companies to express their gratitude towards employees for their effort and hard work all year round.

Everyday should be an Employee Appreciation Day we believe. Being a part of the company culture building, appreciating employees helps build trust, honesty and most importantly, it makes them feel valid. Here are our take on employee appreciation ideas to show your employees you actually value them.

1. Don't forget to say thank you

Humans are emotional creatures. Making an effort to connect with people at a personal level will make them feel valued. At the end, employees work most effectively when they know their contributions are appreciated.

Try using a handwritten card or offering a thank-you handshake to show your gratitude.

2. Offer day off

No one can work all the time without feeling exhausted. Extra time off work can mean a lot to a stressed employee, as they finally get time to balance their life, catch up with their favorite hobbies, spend more time with family.

Time off does not need to be a regular reward, it can be most valued when it is unexpected.

3. Peer to peer recognition

A complement from a peer may, sometimes, have more weight than a manager’s. It is your peers that are more likely to know your performance from close observation, therefore, it is a good idea to have team members recognizing their peers’ hard work.

4. Shout out on social media

It is now the age of social media. Thanks to its influence, things can spread to everyone. Talking from a business perspective, recognizing your talented employees on social media is one way to create a good brand image to investors and customers.

Giving employees the credit they deserve also motivates others to strive even harder.

5. Company retreat

Company retreat after successful projects is a perfect time for bonding and reflection, when employees get a chance to reflect on what they have done and what needs to be addressed. It is an opportunity to get away from the stress that you all have endured during the time of the project.


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