Engagement and Trust are the core of any success for every possible project or startups

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Recently during a mentoring session with John Masud Parvez received one of the mentee presented a problem statement and then John shared his prespective on that problem stative during the mentoring session Though this article we would be the sharing with you that problem and suggestion, so that can also help you, and add value to your life or initiative you are working on. The questions was -

John, I want to ask you something, I have leanrt about business model at RASE scholarship program. Now I am working to develop my project's business model, use 6 hats thinking, and choice Partner, right?

So how I can make sure I have a "partner to choice?

Then John Masud Parvez Started with a question back -

You mean partner or member?

Mentee replied -

Member i think
Then John started the mentoring -

There are two things here, you got be clear for you

1. partner: These people or organization or group are outside your project, but you do something for them, they something back to you.

2. Team member: These are your team member,w orking with you in the same time, in your project and run for the common goal of your project together

So how I can make sure I have a "partner to choice"?

Backing to your question, this is important, as you have started to design your business model, so you need to have team member,at least 1 - 2 in next 1 months of time, to create the momentum of your project.

So now the question is

How you can get those people for your team?

The answer is by Engagement! Why Engagement? Becase engagement builds


And that single thing gives you Team, Partner, Supporter/Fan, Customer. And these are all the elements defines the success of your projects. So you remember the core is

Engagement and Trust

Now, I am also going to break it down How to do Engagement? and what are the cheapest possible way to make that happen. There are key to challanges of engagement

Onffline and Online

And here is the my clear cut point -

Every people include myself largely under estimated the power of internal and digital space for years.

So You need to find your way to gain the ability and enabling yourself to liverage this internet and Digital space. So during the project you will need to utilize the social media.

So by enabling yourself making video clips, and share to social media, your facebook profile. If you do that means you basically doing a engagement about your project to the people around you, some of them will show interest, and then you can consider them as your team member.

This is the easiest way to recruit a team. How? Because -

Social media is free!

so you are so lucky that, it's something you can take advantage now.

Now yes for offline this is also can be you side stream of engagement for that You can try to join different events and see people, around you which suitable for your team. Your different colleagues or classmates who you think suitable, then you can tell them about your project as well. I was mentoring a case on engagement as well pls read here


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