Eric Asato mentored 'The Turtles', Champion of Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019


Today we have someone special with us to share about this thought and passion in social development. Today we will be sharing with you about Mr Eric Asato. In professional life Eric Asato is career consultant of RMIT University. Beside that Eric was very active in social mentoring and his mentored team The Turtle become the Champion of Vietnam's Amazing Student season 2019.

How do you know about VSHR?

John introduced the organization while working together at RMIT. Later I volunteered to mentor a team for Vietnam’s Amazing Student Competition in 2018 and really enjoyed the opportunity the competition provided for university students to learn and develop real-world skills for their future.

How long have you support VSHR as mentor? And in which projects/ programs?

Vietnam’s Amazing Student Competitions 2018, 2019, Shark Tank to mentor the Life Handshake project, but I haven’t had much involvement in it due to busy work and personal life balance.

3. As a mentor, can you share about your experience with students/ contestants/ VSHR members?

For students, go outside your comfort zone to challenge yourself in competitions & projects like those with VSHR. These projects are your opportunity to learn & develop skills outside your normal classes. Through these experiences, you will develop employability skills that employers desire in fresh graduates. Also, these skills and habits of going above and beyond minimum expectations of just having a bachelor degree, will set you up for long-term career success. Your hard will will pay off, as long as you take advantage of extra-curricular opportunities and do your best!

What is the different thing that you think VSHR make you feel impressed?

John knows the value of having mentors in student projects, and does his best to provide mentors. I had mentors as an MBA student, and my mentor helped broaden my mind and provide constructive feedback for personal development. Thus, I feel this value of providing mentorship is what sets VSHR apart.

Is there anything that VSHR should do better or improve in the future?

VSHR has already been improving on communicating events and details of projects in advance. When I volunteered to help out with Shark Tank, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But when invited to be a panelist for GUP graduation day, I received the full agenda and brief to know what was expected. Thanks!

When you hear about “VSHR”, which three words that come up in your mind? (For example: passion, contribution, development,…)

Social Development, Health & Education

What do you think about VSHR’s founder – John?

Very charismatic, enthusiastic and has so much energy to give.

8. Personally, which is your favorite color?

Blue – I’m from Seattle so am a Mariners & Seahawks fan!

If you are walking into the jungle, which animal that you see first? J

I want to see monkeys. My son was born in the year of the monkey and I enjoy how curious (and sometimes naughty) they are.

VSHR is following 6 core values, which one do you think that most related to you?

Creating skills to grow – as a Career Consultant, I guide students in developing employability skills for their future career.

Together to help people – My personal values have been influenced by Coach John Wooden of having ‘Team Spirit’

Anything else that you want to share? Please let us know.

From a career consultant’s perspective, I encourage you to explore yourself to identify your interests, skills, and values. Then gain experience to further develop skills.

If your interests and values align with one of VSHR’s projects, join it to gain experience and develop your skills!

Thanks for sharing with us!

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