Every Creation Requires Sacrifice, Persistence and Dedication by John Masud Parvez

Today is 12th May 2020, the special day when Vietnam Social Health Revolution started the mission, vision as an organization. On this special date the founder of VSHR, John Masud Parvez was interviewed by Business and English Club of Foreign Trade University (FTU). Though this article, we would like to share you some key part of that interview session,

If you were to be yourself but from many years ago, would you make any of your decisions differently?

John Masud Parvez: Definitely Yes. If I can go back to my age 20, I would start my social research much earlier. I always loved research. That's why I have around 11 academy journal publications on computer science and engineering majors by the age of 27. And I was aiming to go for a PhD in CSE major. And I spent a lot of time, effort on that purpose. But back of my head, I always wanted to do something for a bigger community and it took me a long time to figure out what that actually means to me. I wanted to do social research on the health service model and finally started in 2013. If I could go back in time, I would want to start social research for at least 5 years earlier (in 2007). That means we could even reach miles aheads in terms of VSHR's social impacts.

In order to be successful in your own field as you are right now, do you need to sacrifice anything?

John Masud Parvez: Yes. Every great thing needs sacrifice, persistence and dedication. I was borned in a family with 16 doctors, but I fell in love with computers when I was 4 years old. I knew the world does not give anyone anything until that person is worthy for that, actually sometimes it even requires more than being worthy. Since then I knew what I really wanted from the school system. So then everyday i went to school to achieve that goal being worthy of a full scholarship to the entire top university of the country. So I sacrificed everything else in my school life to put my 100% commitment to my goals.And I got my result at grade 12 final exam. I was on the top 1% merit list of the country and which awarded me the opportunity to study Computer Science and Engineering at the top University of the nation with a scholarship. After graduation when others were thinking about the status quo, I was planning to go out of my comfort zone and started my expat life. I wanted to be a Chief Information Officer (the Chief IT position in an organization). I knew, to achieve that I need to marry the stress zone, and forever break up with my comfort zone. So my focus, priority was to build up the required capabilities inside me to reach my career goals, and to do that I had to erase these words "relax" "take a break" "it's already good" "easy" "too much work" "difficult" "fear" "impossible" from my life's dictionary.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of VSHR, Do you wanna share your expression about this special day?

John Masud Parvez: I am delighted and very proud of my members, ambassadors, mentors, supporters, social sharks, former members and every well wishers. 12th May is the birthday of VSHR and it's our 3rd year anniversary. I still can remember every moment of our first meeting on 12th May, 2017.

Normally we celebrate our today (founder's Day) with a big manner. But this year we are making an exception due to a special situation in 2020. This year we puting the celebration budget to the scholarship program, as now a lot of parents lost their jobs, or receiving only like 25 - 50% of the salary. I think it will be against morality if we celebrate this situation. So we put that budget for the scholarship, and provide more higher amount scholarships in 2020. There is a keynote that has been published today for our members, ambassadors, well wishers, social sharks. That can be found here.

Thank you very much for your time.

John Masud Parvez: It's my pleasure talking to you too. I am also looking forward to speak to Tedx on 16th August 2020,

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