Examples of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the method that involves making consumers visit your website rather than advertising your products or services publicly. Let’s take a fun example in dating, outbound marketing is actively chasing someone, whereas inbound marketing is attempting to get others to pursue you.

Examples of inbound marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a good form of inbound marketing. SEO can support with placing website content exactly where users look for it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your business easy to find on search engines like Google. SEO improves website's pages to appear in Google search results for particular keywords. That means when users browse in Google, you can provide exactly what they’re looking for with a webpage.

Social media

Users surf on social media to search, interact, and express their thoughts and feelings. If you want to advertise to users, you’ll have the big opportunity to approach them on social media sites. You may create an account on multiple platforms and publish content that will help you engage audiences. It's a great opportunity for them to know about your company and connect with your brand. When you create a social media account for your company, you may update marketing content regularly without being too annoying. People may come upon you naturally, and if they find your postings attractive, they may choose to follow you.


Creating infographics is also another inbound marketing strategy worth considering. An infographic is a graphic illustration of charts and text that provides readers with a better understanding of a difficult topic. When information is too complicated or boring for an audience to read and understand, infographics present the same information in a more enjoyable and approachable style. Infographics make learning entertaining, which easily attracts visitors who want to learn more about your company. Furthermore, infographics are easily shared, which means attracts more potential customers for your company.


A podcast is a collection of audio recordings that your audience can listen to whenever they want. Audience may not always have the time to read content on their devices. They may, however, be able to listen to a podcast while their drive or while doing housework. Depending on the sector, your target audience may even enjoy podcasts. The podcast format helps to show your brand's personality. When your customers make their final conclusions, they will perceive you as a helpful and engaging resource.


Starting a company blog is one of the best examples of inbound marketing. You can write postings about topics linked to what you offer on website. When user searches for particular topics on the internet, your blog postings lead them to the website. Customers that find your company on the internet will see that blogs are helpful, knowledgeable, trustworthy. A blog is a way of delivering benefit to potential customers to gain their trust and loyalty. The more informative your blog is, and the more regularly you refresh with new content, the more likely you will be to build yourself as a reliable brand that customers remember.

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