Facebook, Microsoft! You forgot your customers

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

I was thinking to write about this for some weeks already, but was thinking when to write? Finally I decided to start today. Today I would like to share with you my story with two very well known companies named Facebook, Microsoft. I am not writing this just for a small story or experience but based on consistent long period of time. So let's start!

Our gross assumption is, If we ask the Asian technology professionals, we will find out a huge % of them want to work for company like - Facebook or Microsoft. But recent years, when I am working with the stuffs of Facebook/Microsoft as i am their customer, I found a strange thing. The people who is working with me has many short falls but among them two acute issues are  'poor influence' and 'poor customer satisfaction management skill'. For me if someone cant even manage a customer satisfaction properly that employee/staffs is basically harming the company's/department's/unit's reputation. So what is wrong when those companies? Why their stuffs are such a poor performer toward 'customer service' and 'influence'? Basically these are the top three things come to my mind following to my observations:

Firstly, the key things which made these companies or any other successful companies, what is PEOPLE (staffs). Inspire, innovated, passionate people. Last years the Human Resources (actually people development) did a stunning work by facilitating, guiding, supporting, rewarding those inspired, passionate people's innovation constantly move forward. That's why those companies turn in to such a big successful name. That's is their success story, and sounds like a pink story!

But how let's come back to real life and think about the present. Is there something different? Now most likely the HR of those companies having a major crisis of their own due to - wrong vision and/or wrong people development leadership and/or wrong process etc and failing to inspire, facilitate and support those innovative people now. Even top talent retention was been a problem for years already? Are they overlooking the difference between a employee and a 'inspired' employee? That main difference between them is the 'spirit'! This 'spirit' is an intangible thing but it requires to be charged regularly!

Secondly, we think most of the Asian tech professionals always dream to work for a company like - Facebook, Microsoft. And probably our gross assumption about this is outdated now.  The innovative, inspired and energetic tech professionals don't want to work for others anymore. Because those stunning professionals have their own dynamic skills, amazing capabilities and very customer focused. So they are building their own startup and most of them are successful in that or similar approaches. Actually it's happening to the other fields professionals as well. That created an issues for these two tech giants. These two giants are struggling to fill their huge workforce with right people. Beside that these companies are facing image/trust crisis now, the way basically their marketing department marketed themselves for last years.

There are certain surveys showed that many Facebook employees even don't use Facebook as social networking app. Beside other surveys also saying a large number of top US university graduates also don't want to work for them too. And you can find them by doing some simple google searches. 

Thirdly, probably those companies largely looked for their process automation to optimize the operation and cost. Optimization of operation is a great idea but probably the way they did this for a period of time without considering a major fact that - "This world is a inhabitant of humans and their customers are human as well". A true relationship can never be built between a human and thoughtless automation tool. If we just step back and think - now an email is more preferred way of communication without a phone call and a direct conversation or instant chat. Even both persons are in same office, same floor. Tech phobia? communication skill problem? trust issue? Lack of care? Lack of respect? Lack of preparation? lack of agility? attitude problem? That's sad, isn't it!

God bless you Facebook, Microsoft! I wish you get back your right and true leaders, strategies and only by then you will be able to solve those problems, able to hold your glories. And you got to solve these soon. Why? Because we are customer, without us, soon you will be called in museum like dinosaur. 

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