Factors that make up the success of the CRM system

Organizations that want to successfully adopt CRM need to look for the simplest solution when implementing their CRM system. A simple and user-friendly CRM solution for all, employees and customers will be more effective than a modern technology solution that is cumbersome, expensive and less user-friendly.

1. CRM Strategy

CRM is a general strategy and involves every individual in the business. This means that leaders and employees in the enterprise must establish an internal consensus around the issue of CRM implementation. If an enterprise is in the early stages of applying CRM, that business needs to organize a meeting between departments, divisions and divisions in the business, to be able to summarize the needs of each department in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. desired results in the CRM system that the enterprise is planning to implement. Leaders need to know what their employees and companies need from the CRM system, the difficulties and obstacles to smooth CRM implementation in their departments. Objectively, the needs and conditions of the departments are often very different. The role of a manager is to reconcile those contradictions, meet the basic conditions, which may be different, of the departments, but still ensure the unified CRM system throughout the enterprise.

2. People

In every system, people are still the most important and decisive factor.For a CRM system to work effectively, each employee in the company must clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.Update yourself with the necessary skills to make good use of the system for your related business, thereby achieving high efficiency in your business and especially in your relationship with your customers.

3. Corporate culture

A CRM solution is more than just a new software package. It is a change in thinking, in the way of doing business, in the way of managing human resources. Success in applying CRM depends on the employees themselves - who are willing to share information about customers and partners. Getting employees to collaborate is not a simple matter. Employees may be skeptical that by sharing information, they are giving others an opportunity. However, once a leader makes employees understand that CRM creates opportunities for everyone, the success rate will increase dramatically.

Therefore, it is important for leaders to show people a real-life example, when sharing information benefits the entire company, which includes all employees in the company. The management must aim to build a corporate culture based on the company's interests over personal interests. To achieve this goal, employees, who use CRM, must see real proof that the information they share is used to advance business operations, and gain a new partner. will benefit everyone in the company. It can take a long time, but when building such a corporate culture, businesses will achieve more than they expect from CRM.

4. Technology

In the process of searching and choosing a CRM tool, the decision on which technology to use depends a lot on the needs of the business, business characteristics, industry nature and financial capabilities of the business. Karma. To make the right choice, all of the above factors need to be seriously considered by the enterprise and carefully surveyed the software market to ensure the optimal choice. Here is a good example of the reasonable choice of technology that Harley-Davidson has succeeded in.

At the factory of the famous motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee, in the summer, people often open the large metal doors to let the wind and cool evening air in. But that door isn't just for the wind, it's also occasionally letting other things, such as skunks, get in. They even set up a team to review and find solutions to the problem with these skunks. After weighing the pros and cons of installing a curtain, or not opening the door, they came to the optimal decision to do nothing. Sounds simple, but is the most logical way. When the skunk enters the factory, just let it go and it will come out, maybe the skunk likes the Harley, but it certainly doesn't stay long in the factory.

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