Few words for my all beloved friends

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Dear my beloved Friends !

I know you are really upset since almost like last two years, I did not spend time with you or hang out with you. I know you are mad because you missed me, I miss you always too . :(

At the beginning of 2017 I founded Vietnam Social Health Revolution. Because the sad pictures I saw, sad stories I listened from thousands of people during my 4 years of social research work and then I wanted to stand beside those Vietnamese people and help their life to be better. :(

I am not writing it for PR or something else. I am writing it with the believe, after reading this you will understand me better. Like you, I also have only 24 hours a day. So I could not spend anything else rather then working my job and VSHR. Just to find my time and give my best effort, I stopped my PhD plan, stopped my farther research work on technology field, I stopped playing badminton - tennis regularly. I work all over my every weekends last two years, week days evening, now even everyday since last two years. The only purpose is to make a social organization which will constantly resolve those problem I found in that 4 years social research work.

It's me and also I believe almost all great members are contributing in such passion, spirit and values for VSHR. That's why, we all could build a organization like - Vietnam Social Health Revolution.

So please don't be mad at me. Better, if you want to join/support me or if you know someone who can also join us and can support to take off some of my loads, that will be very helpful. Or At least don't be mad at me and keep me in your best wish. Your best wishes will also bring more luck, spirit to my initiatives.

Thanks my dear friends ! Love you all ! I DID NOT or WILL NOT forget anyone of you! I can say it from my heart that, you are all as equal important me like before and always will be.

It's the Xmas time and new year is coming soon too. So it's such a amazing opportunity of all of us to share and connect our warmness, love with your family, mates, and friends. That's why I am missing you most now.

I would like to wish you a HAPPY Christmas to you, your family, your mates and every person you love in your life.

I am Saigonese, always here with you and working to bring the better support for Vietnamese people, particularly low income Vietnamese people.

See you soon!

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