First step of digitization for talent acquisition for industry and NPOs

We were talking to an experienced Director from my network and we were talking about having a resume and not what are the things can be different in term of having non resume when we interview the candidate -

He said actually that is not making any significantly different for hiring a Senior professional or manager level.

He also included,

"if we contact someone based on their LinkedIn profile and try to recruit them, we can't "require" a resume. We invite them for an interview, sometimes they bring a resume, but sometimes they don't. Makes no difference as we see where they worked and what they did on their profile."

From this stand point of view the growth of online resume, profile or linkedin, I can see a day when no resume will be "required" and online or LinkedIn profiles will be enough. Here is an interesting part, currently we are running the Future C Level/Director/Manager people development scholarship Program and to test the approach "no CV", so did not tell candidate even bring the CV. On our this scholarship program as we completely focus on who they are during the interview process, that's how we setup the questions for the candidate as well. I would like to share you one part of one Future Manager candidate's post interview thank you email -

The interview was not an conventional interview where we often got asked about things we could lie on the CV. The interview really got me thinking of who I truly was, what my core value is and what my strengths are and we found a word that suit me: I am an unconditional supporter. VSHR is an NPO where it focuses on the sustainable development of Vietnamese people focusing on Health, People Development and Education. With that, Train to become Leader, Director, C Level came to life to carry a mission of developing Vietnamese people.

That means the candidate completely understand the vision mission or the organization, know what she is going to do on this program and also we know who she truly is, core competencies. So we also understand this - If you don't need something, don't make it a requirement - as simple as that ! Beside that -

Not to mention that resumes don't capture hard work, team work, loyalty, empathy, intelligence, and 100 other things that make someone a good worker. You only find out when you meet people.
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