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HR's mission is not only recruiting, but also carrying an important mission to coordinate managers to manage the business as well as to operate effectively.

This point is quite sensitive when it is necessary to weigh and measure between the two factors "freedom - work comfort" and "timely tracking - promoting task progress". Therefore, the internal HR department at this time must be really subtle and psychological.

So what are the basics we need to build first?

Assign jobs based on employee's ability

In order for each individual to develop to their full potential, managers need to observe to detect each person's strengths and weaknesses, thereby assigning tasks or tasks to properly exploit strengths as well as improve work efficiency. that. The right division of work not only helps individuals work more efficiently, but also contributes greatly to the overall results of the enterprise.

Regularly check and monitor the progress of work

To ensure the work progress is done on time, to avoid neglect, managers need to monitor the progress of the work. However, monitoring progress does not mean day-to-day monitoring, which will make employees feel pressured and uncomfortable.

This shows the sophistication of the leader. Instead of asking questions in the form of commands, managers should ask "subtle" about the problems they are facing, difficulties in doing work.

Monitor Web activity

Some businesses monitor and restrict Internet access to prevent employees from accessing inappropriate or non-business Web sites and to track employee idle time. Browsing these inefficient Web sites also provides companies with insights into employee engagement so that they can optimize their use of technology remotely and in the office.

Email Monitoring

According to a report by the American Management Association, 43% of employers monitor employee email activity. This form of email monitoring is usually done with some automated keyword scanning tool, although 40% of the recruiters in the report said they used manual email monitoring. Email monitoring focuses on:

  • Timely detection of unsafe or unauthorized file sharing via email.

  • Monitor the quality of employee email communication.

  • Prevent excessive use of company-provided email accounts for non-work purposes.

"360 degree feedback"

"360 Degree Feedback" is a method of anonymously collecting feedback from any employee's co-workers, subordinates, customers or supervisors. Which mainly focuses on soft skills such as goal setting, planning, teamwork, etc.

Used as a performance appraisal tool, this method allows you to fairly accurately measure the performance of your subordinates. Specifically, it will clearly show the person's strengths and weaknesses, and make it easier for you to create an improvement plan.

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