Future Leadership Program - Middle management does contribute to the bottom line!

A new study claims that CEOs may have overrated their influence on business success, CFO even contributes less, and no, CMOs were absent from the analysis. However, when it comes to cost-cutting, middle managers are often the first name to be wrote-off the employee list. In fact, reducing this threshold level of the management layer can be unwise to the organization.

The Business Translator

Middle managers are always the business translator who translates the leader's voice into appropriate employee acts. There are continuous conflicts resulting from being polar between the team's needs and the boss's demands.

In the marketing department particularly, Middle managers perform three crucial but undervalued roles. First, they are the communicator and interpreters of the marketing director's vision into a suitable message to meet the team's ability. Too often, CMO's vision leaves junior staff a "wow" but utterly clueless about what they can do to execute it.

Good middle managers can prevent non-sense whispers and misinterpretations of the marketing director's plan. They can also assist senior directors by saving them from unnecessary problems and endless clarification requests.

The junior instructor

The second vital function of middle managers is as instructors. Juniors need to learn a lot, and often they are required to start from scratch. Higher managers barely have the time or the preference to do this. But middle managers do. Or at least that is what their job described.

The Resources Connector

The third and final thing that fine middle managers bring to the marketing party is the ability to put together great teams from no coherent at the very beginning. Although they are not necessarily developers or creative individuals themselves, considerate managers can significantly influence the quality of a team's performance more than even its top performers.

At the end of the day, middle managers are still the individuals who receive all the credit whenever the team's successful or is unable to meet the objective. Hence, these people deserve to receive the entire recognition from their higher managers.


Worrying that you are not have a good enough employee training strategy, Future Leadership Program is here to help! We provides the company with a practical yet handful solution for your employee development strategy:

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  • Technology Driver

  • Problem Solving

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  • External Engagement Power

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