Gaming platform

The online gaming platforms have grown in popularity as new technology enter the market. With the online gaming sector growing at a quick rate, businesses are taking advantage of the benefits provided by these platforms.

Benefits of gaming platforms for marketing

Diverse players

Games are multi-generational and appeal to young and old alike. Games are not only played by children, but also by parents: Mobile games are popular among Generation Z, millennials, Gen X, and even baby boomers. Mobile gamers span a wide spectrum of ages and backgrounds. They're interested in mobile advertising and have a general understanding of how it works.

Benefits of in-app

Many of the same advantages as in-game ads exist in the in-app environment: low-risk performance pricing and fewer competitors. Marketers planning to raise brand awareness, attract new consumers, and enhance income should consider in-app marketing. In-game advertising has a few additional benefits, the first one is it is the ideal environment for rewarded adverts. A value exchange occurs when users view an ad or complete an advertiser's offer in exchange for in-app rewards. The publisher app requires something of value to exchange in order for the model to work.

Brand-safe environment

Mobile games also provide a very brand-safe environment for advertisers. Control over user-generated content, strict app store review, and the capability to establish specific lists of appropriate publishers are all reasons for this. Because mobile games contribute for to such a large amount of app revenue, they are forced to increased control and monitoring on iOS and Google Play, reducing the chance of brand safety problems.

Boost brand awareness

Brands are trying to find new ways to connect to their current audiences, as well as new ways to reconnect with old ones. Gamified experiences allow customers to interact with a brand in a fun environment without feeling like the brand is trying to do so. These interactions are supposed to produce strong bonds and connections for the user, which will potentially benefit them in the long run.


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