Recently, VHSR organized a graduation ceremony for students who participated in the program. The ceremony included 2 part :

Part 1: Seminar

Share from the mentors - those who have been with GUP to see how they feel, what they have done for the community. Besides sharing words from other special speakers will help you get more knowledge about healthcare.

Part 2: Ceremony

Awards for the best individuals of the GUP program. In addition, VSHR team announced the best lucky viewers to award.

As VSHR wishes to bring many useful and meaningful programs for you. So are you ready?

As for part 1, we had extremely interesting moments. But the most special thing was that we heard good things from speakers. As seasoned and experienced people, these speakers offer very useful arguments for people, especially students.

Do you know? For students, the hardest thing is that we start working, they have to go through extremely difficult job interviews. Sometimes, students get confused by employers, but don't be afraid to show personality. Most employers are very interested in the employees who dare to express themselves, dare to tell the big boss: "You are wrong".

Confidence is a big plus in the eyes of employers, just say what you think. That can be a risk, it can also lead to unexpected results. If you regularly participate in interviews, you will see that most employers will usually expect you to ask them again. That's not a must, but if you wouldn't ask them again, you've lost nearly half the chance to get a job. You definitely have to ask them something again. There are some tips for you.

Come to part 2, organized team would like to send our thanks to GUP, a great program. And after that, VSHR awarded certificates of merit to graduating students. As a very proud thing, there were many winners of the program. Next year, GUP promises to be more organized and more rewarding.

Please do not hesitate, learn and prepare to join GUP next year with us. Also come and join VSHR!!!

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