Genius Upskill Scholar has developed to be Life Impact news editor

Today we would like to tell you a story, where you will know how a social development passion can turn someone to a very impactful person.

Do Thi Mai Ngoc, is a student of University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCMC and she is studying at Pharmacy major. Being a bright student, she always wanted to have a scholarship program to excel her skill and practical knowledge. So she applied for Genius Upskill program's 2019 season. She had a very convincing application and also represented a great talent, passion in the interview session and won the scholarship's share for life program.

Share for life is scholarship program which is to create more social nutrition advisor, who will give more nutrition advice to the community people, make vietnamese people more healthier. During the scholarship program we was attending different master classes of the program and she discovered her passion in social develop in more brighter way.

So during the scholarship program, she also applied to become a member of VSHR and joined the public relations department. On her role, she discovered that her skillset is turning in to more impact and she started get more success in her initiatives. Then next few weeks, VSHR also recognized her passion and also appreciated her spirit on social development. So VSHR promoted her to a junior editor of Live Impact News, where she will be working on to share, inspire, support and connect different social development projects/initiatives with the community/corporation with more stronger way.

All the best to you Do Thi Mai Ngoc, we are looking forward to seeing your contenius great successes in VSHR.

If you don't know about Genius Upskill Scholarship program, have a look here

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