Genius Upskill Scholarship to turn yourself in to a DIFFERENTIATOR though social impact!

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Do you really think you will be successful by doing the things done by everyone? or You think you need to do something to differentiate yourself?

We want to make you a social Champion! What's your career goal? Any one of them?

  • What to be a future Nutritionist? or Interested to work on Nutrition Field? Then apply for SHARE FOR LIFE!

  • What to be a future Pediatrician? or Interested to work on Childcare Field? Or just want to take care of your own children in better way? Then apply for LIVE and LOVE!

  • Want to develop your own project, social enterprise, social impactful startup? Then apply for RASE - Raise a Social Entrepreneur.

  • What to help other though first aid carer? Then apply for FIRST AID HERO !

After 40 scholarship on 2018, this year on 2019, VSHR will provide 100 scholarships ! Application is open now! Apply online here

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