Get Ready for 'The Passion Show' workshop for VNAS 2019 5 finalist teams

We have got the 5 teams for Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019. Organizer also organized the GET READY FOR THE SHOW OF PASSION workshop for them on last 4th May 2019 at RMIT University so guideline them for the final round.

The Trainer of the workshop was the Chairman of Vietnam's Amazing Student Contest, John Masud Parvez. To know more about John, please visit

This GET READY FOR THE SHOW OF PASSION workshop covered the following topics

1. What the key factors for them to make their project successful?

On this section trainer explain why having core values is so important for any success. Then also explained some core values core values which can help the teams successful. The slogan which were being highlighted was -

Non Success is ultimate, and no failure is fatal.

2. All the segments of the final round The Vietnam's Amazing Student (VNAS) 2019's final round will have total 4 segments. Trainer explain all those segments to all the finalist teams, and also gave them detail tips how they can perform well.

3. Presentation skills and connecting power

On This part trainer provided detail guideline though different real life example, about how to perform a great presentation, how to connect with audience, to the audience brains and retain that connection.. The true meaning of presentation was also being described as

Presentation is the connection between brains. Though this presenter pass the idea from own brain to all the audience's brain.

On this part trainer break the whole presentation in to five areas

1. How to start a presentation

2. What's your body language duration presentation

3. Common mistakes and how to avoid them

4. How to stay connected with audiences until end of the presentation

5. How to final a presentation

4. Crack Presentation

On this section all the teams were given a an unique topic. There were given 15 mins to prepare their presentation though a raffle draw. And Then the order were also selected by raffle draw to perform a crack presentation in 5 mins on that topic. After each presentation, team received the feedback from the trainer.

5. How to prepare

On This segment trainer gave some detail real life examples and mentioned what are the best 3 ways to prepare for a great presentations. And how that will help them to get ready for finale for VNAS 2019, or any contest or any University or career presentation.

Let's check out the Teams for VNAS 2019 Finale

The Turtle

Highlights: Very diversified team and one of the key members from RMIT University. So will represent the home ground. Hands on in technology, balanced leadership and very focused. Team's super power is their collaboration among team members.

Project Brief: "Drugged-driving is a serious  issue in Vietnam and also all over the world but we hardly take any actions. So team The Turtles brings this problem to Vietnam's Amazing Student contest by collecting survey and interviewing people, analyzing data, establishing Journeys Reviews rating system. More over we would demonstrate to you how Journeys Reviews could effectively solve this problem in final round and we hope you join a hand by voting for us to make our project come true and bring good impact to our society!"

Team members are:

  • Lê Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Chi, Leaders

  • Phạm Khắc Uy Lực, Deputy leader

  • Bùi Thuỵ Tường Vy

  • Lê Văn Lộc

Hashtag: #TheTurtles ( Check this on Facebook)

Healthy Little Owls

Highlights: Young spirit and they are flying their best shots. Passionate to execute the smartness to cover up the experience gap. One member in USA and another member in Europe but still they have a strong base in Ho Chi Minh and co-ordinate excellent among all of them. Their best weapon is their SUPER ENERGY.

Project Brief: We address the issues of not staying hydrated along with sleeping-shortly-after-eating. Eating and drinking are companions which gradually influence one’s health if they are not practiced reasonably. At the age of a university student, youngsters often lack noticing their daily habits due to heavy workload in and outside of school. We don’t tell our peers to follow a right schedule, we’re giving them advises to acquire a new habit which counters the bad one.

Team members are:

  • Nguyen Ngoc Huynh Mai, Leader, from Katedralskolan Lund, Sweden.

  • Nguyen Vuong Hue Man from Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina , USA

Hastag: #teamHLO (Check them out in Facebook)


Highlights: Very quite and composed team that's what keep them very focused. Have hands on experience on the present project idea and working on that problem for a while already. Team's super power is their understanding among team members.

Project Brief: Plastic pollution has increasingly become a serious problem in Vietnam and all around the world. Plastic pollution not only affects the whole environment but also directly impacts our health (through microplastics). Our project is to minimize the amount of plastic waste by raising awareness of community to decrease the plastic utilization. Please convey our message to your friends and vote for our group to widely spread this message to the community.

Team members are:

  • Tran Anh Xuan, Leader, from Ho Chi Minh International University

  • Huynh Thi Thao Nguyen, Deputy Leader, from Ho Chi Minh International University

  • Nguyen Ngoc Thien Kim from Ho Chi Minh International University

  • Dang Gia Hoang from Ho Chi Minh International University

Hashtag: #antimicroplastics


Highlights Passion and team has a strong desire to grow. Dark horse of the contest. Their idea and project topic is very critical and can draw strong social attention. They have setbacks on communications but they have X-Factors to handle them out. Team's super power is NEVER GIVE IP attitude.

Project Brief: Facing the situation of abortion rates in Vietnam is increasing and the lack of adult education programs. We must listen to the feelings of the insiders to find out why this problems are so hard to deal with. For this reason FLAMES will hold a seminars/community program in a completely different way.

Team Members:

  • Ly Xuan Thao, Leader, from Banking University Ho Chi Minh

  • Trinh Thi Thu Hoai, Deputy leader, form Banking University Ho Chi Minh

  • Tran Tan Tai form Banking University Ho Chi Minh

Hashtag: #Flames


Highlights: Been very consistent on the contest so far. The leadership was being appreciated and also has a good culture even though it's a distributed team. They used that distribution as their social engagement opportunity. This team has a video GURU. Team's super power is technology and social engagement.

Project Brief: Electrical devices can be a very impactful tool, both positively and negatively. We want to fight fire with fire by using social platforms to let people know how dangerous the over usage of these devices can be. Entertaining yet thought-provoking is what we aim at.

Team Members:

  • Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tien , Leader, from University of Economics HCMC

  • Ngo Son Tung, Deputy Leader

  • Nguyen Thuy Nhu Khue

  • Nguyen Quang Khanh



Team requested us to give them a feedback about their performance so far, so they use those feedback to get better, identify their strength as well. So we collect those and put them together bellow to share with you.

If you are a contestant and reading those feedback, Just to remind, that is just critics feedback :) So don't get Obsessed about that. :)

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