Gillette’s “Go Ask Dad” Campaign: Internet vs. the Power of Fathers

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Gillette - a leading razor and personal care brand owned by P&G, has acquired great success with their “Go Ask Dad” campaign on Father's Day 2016. Via the campaign, the brand aimed to communicate to teenagers a meaningful message of their powerful fathers as well as increase brand awareness and brand love.

The challenges

Gillette has long been known for being the world’s leading razor brand. For many years, the brand has heavily invested in product improvement and marketing activities, especially across the North American markets to maintain its dominant position. However, customers have been assuming that Gillette’s effort was making no sense but used as an excuse for increases in the product price. Besides, Dollar Shave Club - a major competitor of Gillette in South America, has increasingly taken the market share and threatened the dominant position of Gillette by giving increased focus on customers. Thus, it was of great importance for Gillette to remove those wrongful assumptions, accentuate good values and improve brand love.

Meanwhile, it was reported that teenagers are increasingly depending on the Internet for addressing their daily problems. There have been 94% of teens seeking advice from the Internet instead of asking their dads. The big gap between fathers and sons has seemingly caused them to underrate the resourcefulness of fathers.

Strategy & Execution

Having well obtained these insights, Gillette launched an extensive digital campaign named “Go Ask Dad” on Father’s Day 2016. Instead of focusing on boosting sales on such holidays, Gillette planned on increasing brand awareness and love.

With a view to encouraging teenage boys to “Go Ask Dad” as well as communicating more meaningful messages about the powerful fathers, Gillette created a 2-minute-30-second experiential video describing the differences between getting help from dads vs. from the Internet. The video was posted on all P&G’s and Gillette’s social media platforms with the hashtag #GoAskDad. Besides, the brand used several shorter videos to retarget the audiences and reinforce the messages. In addition to video content, Gillette also took advantage of social and search advertising to promote the campaign.

In their “Go Ask Dad” campaign, Gillette had teamed up with 4 different agencies, including Ketchum handling PR, WPP’s Catalyst and Possible being responsible for search and digital marketing, and Carat working on media buying.

The results

The campaign earned huge success by not only accomplishing its stated objectives but also asserting the resourcefulness and power of fathers. “Go Ask Dad” has become Gillette’s great pride. Analyses on the campaign have revealed some impressive results such as:

  • 19.4 million video views with 2 weeks

  • 4,000 searches for "Go Ask Dad" video

  • 354.9 million organic reaches

  • 4% increase in brand equity (from 47.81% in May to 51.69% by the end of June 2016)





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