Go Global: Together to help people!

One of the core values of Vietnam Social Health Revolution - VSHR is Together to help people. Not only in Vietnam, the organization core values are reaching people worldwide that 3 interns from 3 countries came and shared that with the team. One of them came is a Vietnamese who living in Belgium - Mai Linh Verdonck.

How do you know about VSHR?

I did an internship at VSHR. I live in Belgium and I wanted to explore my native country. I was adopted as a baby. So I searched for a good project in Vietnam and I found a project about social health from VSHR. I wanted to contribute to the society and sustainable goals like VSHR. After a skype interview, John accepted me in the organization. I was very happy.

How long have you support VSHR as mentor? And in which projects/ programs?

I stayed in HCMC for +- 2 months. I was a mentor in the Genius Upskill Program. I gave first aid lessons to Vietnamese students. It was a great experience and the students were so friendly. I also helped with the organization of the Vietnam Amazing Student contest.

As a mentor, can you share about your experience with students/ contestants/ VSHR members?

I liked to have interaction during my lessons. I learned also from the students. Luckily, I was not alone, I got help from other VSHR members. They were very helpful and I made good friends. I saw the passion from VSHR members because they work hard and give a lot of their time to help others. It was also fun that there were also team building activities and we ate sometimes together. It was fun!

Not only a proactive member, a “willing-to-share” mentor, Mai Linh also a winner of the VSHR’s internal award as Impact Shaper Intern. According to Founder - John Masud Parvez, Mai Linh contribute good ideas for the Vietnam Amazing Student Contest and also participated in other activities of the organization.

“Mai Linh is a role model as junior mentor, member and intern. She works hard and always trying to improve things, to support teammates and that perfectly match with our first core value: Together to help people!”, said John - VSHR’s founder.

Back to Mai Linh, she is very excited to share about experience with VSHR and her meaningful time in Vietnam.

So, what is the different thing that you think VSHR make you feel impressed?

The people put a lot of effort in their work at VSHR. They make time to come to the office in the weekend.

When you hear about “VSHR”, which three words that come up in your mind?

Passion, social health, friends.

Thanks for sharing with us! Hope to see you soon in Vietnam and at VSHR office! All the best for your career and life in Belgium.

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