Good and bad ways of customer service greeting in hospital

As you may know, three are always good and bad ways to welcome customer coming to hospital.

Reception in hospitals is similarly its role in hospitality industry. In the eyes of business, the reception section is a dispensable unit of any enterprises. In hospitals, reception is even more important because it is not only a part of company structure but also a representative of organization. Reception performs both greeting and maintaining duties. In other words, it is a first line of defining customer needs and maximizing patient flow by providing inclusive guides. Here are some useful approaches to greet customers and build an excellent front desk services in hospitals:


First impression is always important to draw customer attention.

  • Dressing neatly and greeting by friendly smile is priority.

  • Always get your front desk clean.

  • Express manners actively and creatively.

  • Avoid excessive behaviors which not fit in hospital environment.

Specialized requirements
  • Comprehensive knowledge about hospital services for responding customer queries and providing reasonable guide based on patient condition and status.

  • Handling customer queries smoothly and patiently. You must try to resolve customer problems as quickly as possible. In cases it over your scope but urgent, you have to seek your manager advice and have she/she answer customers immediately. Always ask customer declaration in urgent situations and report to management department for supervision.

  • Being calm, patient and empathizing with customers. Understand and react properly in each situation. Cleverly handling if customers are impolite, disagreeable or make reception have difficult deliberately.

  • Avoid pushing customers use overcharged services while ignoring their economic condition. Being self-respect in daily working to protect your personal reputation, customer belief and hospital brand-name.

Working attitude
  • Respect and behave equality with all people. Never discriminate people because of their skin colour, sex, social status…

  • Self-control, always keep learning and at your best. Don’t talk nonsense things except for examination purposes. Don’t complaint with this customer about another customer.

  • Handling customer calls in a professional manner. Smile inwardly and actively listen to build customer rapport and show your true intention. Gather as much information as possible to understand customer needs and provide them proper ways based on their situations.

  • Cultivating your service-oriented mindset by serving your customers with enthusiasm through the time they stay in the hospital. This help to enhance customer satisfaction and expand hospital reputation.

Above are useful approaches to welcome customers coming hospitals for reception department, which are based on good attitude and specialized knowledge requirements of employees.

Beside positive ways to welcome customers, there are negative impacts of poor customer service that you should avoid:

  • Dressing muddily and not properly.

  • Lack of self-control and not calm in pressure situations.

Specialized knowledge
  • Lack of specialized knowledge, Misunderstand customer needs, and misinformation customer queries or provides wrong or inaccurate information.

  • Careless with customer, working with concept “It’s none of my business”, or “I don’t sick, I don’t care”. No enthusiasm because patients are not your family members which make customers disappointed and dissatisfied and have adverse effects on hospital reputation and customer loyalty.

Working attitude:
  • Treat customer unfair and disrespectful. For example, with rich people is respect fully, enthusiastic while careless with poor people. Don’t pay attention when serving customers or responding their questions

  • Not focus on working hours and make customers wait for a long time.

  • Those are bad ways welcome customer coming to hospital because staffs don’t have specialized knowledge and bad at working attitude.

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