GSK’s “Tums or Dare” Campaign: A New Challenge with Millennials

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Tums - America’s no.1 antacid brand by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has achieved great success with its new product launch campaign called “Tums or Dare” in 2019. The campaign, run by Weber Shandwick, was to reinvent the Tums by launching the Tums Chewing Bites with Cooling Sensation.

The challenges

Tums has long been known for its great power in relieving heartburn. With the launching of Tums Chewing Bites with Cooling Sensation, the brand aimed to target and drive more sales from millennials, who have been experiencing at least one digestive issue in the past 12 months but in denial of their heartburn symptoms. The target audiences show great passion for food and consider themselves as “total heat-seekers” or “adventurous eaters” with regard to hot spicy food, which can lead to intense heartburn.

Strategy & Execution

Taking this insight, Tums issued the multi-channel “Tums or Dare” challenge, encouraging millennials to consume the hottest foods they love, then use the new Tums Chewy Bites with Cooling Sensation to relieve the intense heartburn.

The “Tums or Dare” Challenge was executed via a variety of channels and platforms.

  • On Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: The campaign was supported by popular comedic social media influencers taking the challenge and encouraging their followers to participate in and try the new Tums Chewy Bites with Cooling Sensation.

  • Youtube: Tums partnered with Complex to be the official sponsor of Hot Ones (season 9) on Youtube to expand exposure to the 18-to-49-years-old audiences.

  • Fooji: The brand collaborated with Fooji to create a real-time Twitter giveaway in NYC, which gave audiences the opportunity to take the challenge with an order of free wings and a limited-edition pack of the new Tums Chewy Bites with Cooling Sensation.

  • Other forms of promotion such as Snapchat ads, banner ads, shoulder content, custom pre-roll, etc. were also used in this campaign.

The results

The campaign has succeeded in promoting the new Tums Chewy Bites with Cooling Sensation with fruitful outcomes, including:

  • 3.7 statistically significant lift in ad recall on Facebook and Instagram

  • 25% increase in units sold per store, with its peak being up to 7 units sold per week

  • 2.88 million earned media impressions and increased brand love thanks to the Complex partnership

The campaign was honoured to become the Gold Winner at the 2020 MM+M Awards as the Best New Product Launch in Pharma for 2020.






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