Handshake with Bitis for Vietnam's Amazing Student 2019

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

When we read the news -

"220,000" fresh graduation and young professionals are struggling to find their job".

Then we compared that number with the total number of university/college graduates in Vietnam per year.

According to the local statistics total number of graduates are around 325,000 per year. Then we compared the ratio between these two number. That means almost 65%+ fresh or young professionals are finding it hard to get a job!

VSHR Core Values

We did not just see and observe that like others. We stepped in to that problem and kicked off a research (our core values - Idea to action) to identify this high rate of unemployment. After almost 2 years of research we closely observed this sad picture. Then we started to think what we can do to respond this major problem. After different brain storming session, we designed a unique contests - Vietnam's Amazing Student which can empower student employment and also create social projects to help Vietnamese people in the community.

It was challenging when we organized on 2018 as first time ever an we, an NPO organized such contest but at the end it was a meaningful contest. And now our Vietnam's Amazing contest's season 2019 is going on. We are proud of this contest and also been blowing away by the amazing projects of different student teams all over Vietnam. From around 100 registered teams our judge selected 30 teams for project development round. Now they are development their project? Check out our contest's Youtube channel to know how amazing project they are working on!


And on this exciting moment, we are also delighted to have 'Bitis' with our this initiatives to contribute for the youth development of Vietnam, social development for Vietnamese people.

A short quote from Ms Cindy, General Director of Bitis-

"Youth development is a crucial part of our country’s future. We really hope that the next generation of Vietnamese will care more about the society in the most integrated and wholesome way. It is about the prosperity and the well-being of Vietnam."

Ms Cindy, General Director of Bitis

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