Happy women's day to our VSHR members

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

According to the worldometer, the total population of the world on 2019 is 7.7 Billion!

And half of that is woman, and taking forward our world as mom, sister, daughter, colleague, friends, lover, wife and also as VSHR member! Particularly as VSHR member working with the core values to help the Vietnamese people !

It's my, our greatest pleasure to have you with us, around us and share this remarkable journey for helping Vietnamese people. Happy woman's day to all the woman members VSHR!

Please also share this wish to your other woman family members as well.

All the best!!

VSHR core values:

  • Together to help people

  • Creating skills to grow

  • Turn ideas into actions

  • Determination for results

  • Becoming better everyday

  • Focusing sustainable development

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