Healthcare 4.0 is a not a myth anymore as it's already beginning

5G-enabled, real-time remote surgeries are fast becoming a reality in China, and one private hospital in Shanghai is keen to explore the possibilities. 

“Real-time, live surgery across borders, across physical distances, is something that we are looking at,” Dr Koh Hau Tek, Chief Medical Officer (Dy) of Jiahui Health, recently told Hospital Insider.

Next - how are other healthcare systems in Asia keeping ahead by harnessing innovation? Singapore is exploring the use of AI to tackle social isolation, while one major hospital in Thailand will introduce a fully robotic pharmacy next year.

Meanwhile, we share how hospitals can solve the puzzle of variability in care and services.  Dr Denise Basow, CEO of Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer, spoke in Jakarta recently about the massive costs of this phenomenon to healthcare providers - and what they can do about it.

Finally, what are the 12 healthcare innovations that will change healthcare in the 2020s? Drones, stem cell cures and bio banks all feature in this roundup by TIME.

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