Healthcare marketing - unique challenges

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Marketing for healthcare companies and medical practice has a unique set of challenges, unlike others industries. In order to succeed in healthcare marketing, you need to understand clearly the characteristic of this field. In this article, some differences that make healthcare marketing unique will be sum up.

1. Targeting limitations

Apparently, content marketing is relatively easy as you can target patients searching for conditions and treatments for their unpleasant feelings, and marketers can distribute their content on many channels. But outside of those popular means for marketing in general, healthcare privacy regulations often restrict or prohibit targeting medical conditions due to privacy concerns. Marketers can think of more advanced healthcare strategies based on digital solutions. Digital marketing can helps to leverage platforms like programmatic networks where anonymized, privacy-safe data sets allow advanced targeting such as lookalike based on conditions.

2. Legality compliance

Legality in healthcare marketing sometimes is called a monkey on the back of every healthcare practice looking for new marketing methods or technology, such as telehealth in general. Some certain marketing forms are nearly illegal, such as a well-known tip of the iceberg - remarketing to prospects based on known health conditions. Therefore, the most important thing is to keep your marketing executive team understanding healthcare advertising legality. Moreover, make sure all of your claims and language are within the law's bounds.

3. Balancing the authority and empathy

Healthcare decisions are often made by patients who are experiencing unwell feelings and changing emotions. They are intimidated and haunted by medical checks and cures. Good marketers must equally balance forming the authority and showcasing the empathy of healthcare professionals. It's a unique combination that makes for challenging messages to connect your customers as well as give them hope and confidence in getting treatment.

4. The lingo

Compelling healthcare content focuses directly on the market segment, so it's important to know the medical terminology specific to the specialty you're marketing. And when it comes to patients, you should navigate the language to write legible copy since they often don't use the exact same words as healthcare providers. It's not enough to understand the words used; marketers need to understand the treatment and conditions at a deep level.

5. Public perceptions of healthcare

Most people don't really understand the healthcare industry. They even actively dislike it because of the prejudice about healthcare system's inequality and expensive expenditure. Let make your brand become an authority and create excellent content marketing strategies to promote your practice and reasonable offerings. People like to make a choice themselves, so give them all of the information to demystify the conditions and help them make a decision. Compelling and reliable content can improve your brand's reputation as an authority in your healthcare specialty.

6. Transparency in operations

Patients who need healthcare services experiencing extreme emotion and are not able to see what happen behind the curtain. As a result, they just can rely on reviews and information on online platforms to find out what they need to know regarding their condition and healthcare services. A good brand will make what they do transparent, from the operation process to information about the services. Keeping your firm stand out by ensuring the overall patient intake experience, making the appointment stage easier by online booking or phone call, and finishing their experience by thank you gift or promotion. These small tactics will definitely improve your marketing efforts, as customers will be more likely to report a positive experience.





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