How a right Culture can transform a company and it's employees?

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Recently I was having interactive conversations with group of senior HR professionals. And then raised this questions -

How to persuade the BOD to invest on developing leaderships? Cos there are at least 2 companies I’ve ever worked for do not pay attention to such an important issue and keep blaming HR Dept for high turnover rate.

This is all about the culture. To build the culture need to create a all the key elements which will facilitate the growth of culture.

I was doing an overall study among Vietnamese industry and almost 80% companies have no people development initiatives or framework. And the more scary thing is 90% companies are not looking after their organizational culture or the HR department did not realize the true importance of right culture.

First steps is to identify what are the gaps to for each of those elements and take a sustainable strategic approach to close those gaps for those elements. The bottom line is in Vietnam most companies HR is playing more like a functional admin, salary processing, CV processing. Those works are very important but...

That need to transform for HR department, by bringing the mindset, persuasion and more importantly creating that CULTURE. And most people fail on this because they try too FAST, that's a scary word. Then what will come to result?

When you have culture then the top level people will grow it and live with that. Turn over rate? It will go down because people will keep turning down the offer by saying - I am happy here!

It's the concept level, but I am happy to show you practice and learning the culture, people development in our non profit program - Train to reach C level/ Director, Have a look and sign up. 

Again to add, the fees of this program is sponsored by our NPO and the purpose is to make mass People Development for Vietnam. 


John Masud Parvez

Founder & President

Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR)

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